Modulation of anxiety through blockade of anandamide hydrolysis
Kathuria S, Gaetani S, Fegley D, Valino F, Duranti A,
Tontini A, Mor M, Tarzia G, Rana GL, Calignano A,
Giustino A, Tattoli M, Palmery M, Cuomo V, Piomelli D.
Department of Pharmacology,
University of California, Irvine, California, USA.
Nat Med 2002 Dec 2


The psychoactive constituent of cannabis, Delta(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol, produces in humans subjective responses mediated by CB1 cannabinoid receptors, indicating that endogenous cannabinoids may contribute to the control of emotion. But the variable effects of Delta(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol obscure the interpretation of these results and limit the therapeutic potential of direct cannabinoid agonists. An alternative approach may be to develop drugs that amplify the effects of endogenous cannabinoids by preventing their inactivation. Here we describe a class of potent, selective and systemically active inhibitors of fatty acid amide hydrolase, the enzyme responsible for the degradation of the endogenous cannabinoid anandamide. Like clinically used anti-anxiety drugs, in rats the inhibitors exhibit benzodiazepine-like properties in the elevated zero-maze test and suppress isolation-induced vocalizations. These effects are accompanied by augmented brain levels of anandamide and are prevented by CB1 receptor blockade. Our results indicate that anandamide participates in the modulation of emotional states and point to fatty acid amide hydrolase inhibition as an innovative approach to anti-anxiety therapy.

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