Source: Royston and Buntingford Mercury
Date: 9 September 2005

Daughter's tea with vicar goes to pot

picture of cannabis biscuits

HIGH tea was served at the home of the late Lord Whaddon when the daughter of the Labour peer inadvertently served her guests — the vicar and the undertaker — cannabis biscuits.

"I was back at home in Whaddon last week and the vicar and the undertaker were round to make arrangements for my father's funeral," said Eve-Anne Prentice, daughter of the late peer, who died on August 16 from a stroke.

"My father suffered from multiple sclerosis and he found that cannabis was the only substance that relived the spasms caused by the disease. My stepmother cooked him the biscuits with a small dose in."

Back at the Old Vicarage, where Lord Whaddon, formerly Derek Page, lived with his second wife, Angela Rixson, Ms Prentice, a national newspaper journalist, was serving tea and biscuits to her guests.

"I was looking for some biscuits to put out for them and it so happened that the first tin I laid my hands on had my father's biscuits in it.

"They just looked like normal oatmeal biscuits, and the vicar and undertaker were tucking into them when my stepmother walked into the room and realised what had happened."

Her stepmother took her to one side and explained these were medicinal biscuits and not intended for guests.

"I tried to offer them some other biscuits, saying 'These ones are much nicer'. But they said that they liked the biscuits they already had. I think they ate all the ones I put out.

"It was a very Fawlty Towers moment as they carried on eating them. My father would have found it very funny — he had a well-developed sense of humour."

And of the vicar and undertaker?

"I don't think they noticed any adverse effects," said Ms Prentice.

"But to be honest, neither of them has found out about it yet."

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