Source: Sydney Morning Herald
Date: 13th April 2004

Toddlers fed spaghetti with cannabis

new trends in Australian babyfood?

A man today denied deliberately feeding two toddlers spaghetti with a cannabis-laced sauce.

Anthony John Patten, 22, pleaded not guilty in the South Australian District Court to two counts of administering cannabis to a child.

Patten was alleged to have administered the drug to two girls, aged two and four, in September last year at a house in Adelaide's north.

He denied the charges in a brief hearing today and was remanded on bail to reappear again next month.

An earlier Magistrates Court hearing was told the girls were hospitalised after allegedly eating spaghetti with a sauce laced with marijuana.

Patten, who was caring for the two children of a friend, told police he served the girls a lunch of spaghetti with a pasta sauce containing cannabis, police prosecutor Harry Scherwitzel told the Elizabeth Magistrates Court last September.

Patten said he had simply forgotten what was in the sauce, the Magistrates Court was told.

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