Source: BBC News
Date: 15th April 2002

Cannabis drink in pubs soon

an unusual beverage
A Nottinghamshire company claims it's won a year long battle with the Home Office to import a new vodka drink containing cannabis seeds.

Drinks Merchants which are based in Carlton have imported the vodka from the Czech republic.

John Gudalajtys, 22, the company's managing director, says they wanted to introduce different and better drinks to the public.

The drink, Original Hemp Vodka, contain hemp seeds which, if planted and although illegal, grow into cannabis leaves which could be smoked.

Tests have already been carried out overseas which showed the drink contained traces of the psychoactive element in marijuana.

Because of this Government officials had claimed the drink would be illegal in the UK.

However, they've now given the all clear prompting claims that Hemp Vodka will be outselling Alcopops within a year.

John Gudalajtys claims supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsbury are already considering selling the drink.

"Hemp is a perfectly legal substance sold in all kinds of forms in this country so why should vodka be any different? Even the Body Shop sells hemp products," says Mr Gudalajtys.

"The police have said they're not happy with a drink so closely related to an illicit drug going on sale but we are doing nothing illegal."

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