Cannabis Trials Experiment


Duration of Trails 6 years continuos since 1999. Experiences with Cannabis stems back to early teenage years on and off through to mid 20's, followed by 8.5 years of not using this Drug while serving in the Australian Defence Forces - age bracket of none use 25-33.

My research and efforts to explore the entire Industry has been quite extensive.

Examples are:-

Growing many strains in earlier years.

Sampling and testing strains and hybrids from various countries around the world and noting the affects of each one.

Approximately 7 weeks in Switzerland working at Seed and Marijuana farms.

Harvesting and Cleaning Seeds

Researching and Trimming many varieties of Mature Cannabis Plants at various places around the world.

Visit to Seeds Direct in the UK to explore the Commercial side of the Industry.

Selling seeds internationally via the internet in order to start a Foundation for those whom fall victim to the restrictive Laws preventing quality of life.

Registered "Cannabis Genetics Index" as a Business for legal reasons (An extensive audit was conducted by the Taxation Office- My tax on this venture has been declared and accepted - I have not grown Cannabis for several years and don't sell Cannabis. I Use and Research Cannabis )

Building of a web site (Currently crashed by vindictive authorities)

Collection of Information -The web site contains an Index of information and photographs on over 1200 Strains and Hybrids (Slowly being put back together). People from all over the world have submitted their thoughts on Cannabis from Medical and Social use to grow patterns in various climates along with use of various smoking implements and use of Hashish and Oil. From these comments and pictures I have been able to gain an overview both good and bad on affects of Cannabis and the problems within the Industry. As a result of this research, many fake/rip-off companies fell apart as the truth about each Strain came to light. This ceased false advertising.

Encyclopaedia - The website was redesigned in such a way, information can be submitted directly into the Index along with Galleries to upload photographs of detailed grows. Each strain submitted is broken down into detailed information sections such as - Description, Specifications, General Comments, Medicinal and Hashish submit sections linking to Galleries of Each strain.  

From my travels and use of the Internet, I have questioned many people from around the world.

My view and opinion on affects are:-

Each person is affected differently. However, I have noticed a pattern that leads me to believe there are certainly common traits. The only way to know each Strain's affects for categorical evidence per individual is trail and error.

Not recommended for the young. I believe studies already show psychotic affects particularly

in the younger generations. Although I am not a qualified Dr. I do believe the young are at risk of detrimental affects. For this reason I shall refer to Cannabis as a Drug rather than Herb. Most experienced smokers whom use Cannabis correctly, prefer to call it a Herb.

My concerns are of misuse, overuse, and not fully understanding the 'drug' of Cannabis, could result in an inability to cope with some of these adverse affects which may snowball into behaviour patterns. This can be somewhat combated by Education of Use. Personally I am inclined to believe it is best to abstain from use up to the age of mid 20's due to brain development. Scientifically, I am not sure if there is a precise age.

Paranoia seems to be the most common adverse affect.

However; the research on the Young was not all negative. Many parents indicated a couple of puffs helped young women cope with menstrual pain. Other positive affects according to some - calming and helping them sleep during pain.

Despite my concerns of these individuals forming a habit of smoking regularly, they did not have the desire to do so. Many parents felt their children/teenagers reacted better to Cannabis than to Prescribed drugs. The use of Cannabis was kept to a minimal.  

Young social smokers abused Cannabis mixing it with alcohol. This kind of misuse obviously results in a lethal combination causing the inability to speak coherently, excessive laughter (although good for the Soul) and general poor judgment such as driving a car. My own personal experience was similar in my teenage years. I was not able to handle mixing Alcohol with Cannabis for similar reasons.  Cannabis on its own helped me a great deal. Prescribed tablets gave me many stomach problems. Cannabis merely cured the pain and helped me sleep.

Research of Cannabis Use by Adults.

Again, Paranoia seems to be the most common problem. Although suffering in my teen years from this problem, I don't feel it is a problem for me now (other than worries related to Law and the stigma that comes with being a Cannabis User). Indeed a high level of scrutiny comes from those that either don't understand the Drug or due to their own bad experiences which may have been a result of misuse, or Cannabis simply did not agree with their system.

It is clear from these past years of study, Cannabis is not suitable for everyone.

The Indica buds prove to be good for medicinal use more than Sativa for many but not in all cases.

Sativa is used more Socially. Some complained of headaches from Sativa Cannabis but did not have this problem with Indica.

In plant form of green plant material apposed to Hashish made from the Trichomes - the Drug appears to be less potent. I am unsure of long term affects on the Lungs using Hashish in comparison to Green Material Plant form.

Some of us were able to give up smoking using Cannabis instead of Tobacco and noticed a vast respiratory improvement in a very short period of time. Within 3 days, my breathing and lung capacity improved immensely.  

Hashish made from Pure Sativa gave myself and others an instant headache. Some did prefer the Pure Sativa sociably without any adverse affects.  

The Pure Sativa smoked in Martial Plant form apposed to Hashish did not give me a headache unlike the hash made from Pure Mexican Sativa. The affects were a nice up High which motivated me and helped relieve depression.

Hashish made from Pure Indica has an instant dulling affect making it a better choice for


A mixture of both Sativa and Indica worked well for most users, both socially and medically. Many that I interviewed had the same opinion thus grew cross's of Indica and Sativa which does seem to give a better balance. This balance relieved the problems of Lethargica from the Indica and Headaches caused by the Sativa.    

The Indica in material plant form apposed to Hashish made from Indica plants had a similar affect to Hash consumption, giving pain relief.

The majority of experienced smokers indicated the Indica Plants gave more of an overall pain dulling both mentally and physically. Lack of motivation due to Lethargica seems to be generally higher in those that smoke Indica Plants. For some this is a good thing by way of a nice way to wined down upon bed time. For others it was only positive for pain relief with lack of motivation preventing them from house hold chores and so forth. However the negative side affects were less than using their prescribed medication.

Over all most felt it helped them sleep better. For me, most defiantly Cannabis gives a good nights sleep. Suffering from insomnia, use of Cannabis helps keep a better sleep pattern. Of course, a good nights sleep gives one a better day to cope with various pains and general living.

Some of the illness's and ailments helped by use of Cannabis are:-

Physical Pain



Menstrual Pain


Muscular Pain


Emotional Pain


Car Sickness/Motion Sickness

Nosier (Instant relief)

Used to Quit smoking Cigarettes

Lethargica (Good for the highly strung unable to wined down at night)

Anxiety (although a small number of people felt Cannabis made them more Anxious)

Mental Dulling

Psychotic affects  (Also on the Negative list - Helped memories return - not good in other cases)

Many whom suffer from ongoing pain or ailments, gained fitness becoming more active due to the relief obtained by Cannabis consumption.

Negative Affects


Psychotic affects  (Combated by use of Correct type of Cannabis)

Mental Dulling (Also on the Positive list as this is good for some emotionally)

Anxiety (Also on the Positive list with many feeling it helped calm Anxiety)      

Lethargica   (Combated by use of Correct type of Cannabis)


For heavy Cannabis smokers, variety is important. My studies found most became use to the same strain after a few days. Some strains smell and taste better than others. With variation, most I questioned, found to swap from one strain to another stopped the body from getting use to a single variety.

Butter Use

Butter made from Marijuana is different again to Hashish or Cannabis Plant Material.

A small amount on toast or cooked in cakes, works for some and hits with quite an impact. The affects are more psychotic in my opinion. I spent quite some months just using butter. For me it turned out to be a good thing but this practice needs to be done with extreme caution. Although some preferred the affects of butter, many found it resulted in paranoia difficult to cope with.

The butter seems to affect a different part of the brain. The affects from the Cannabis Butter were somewhat exhilarating during a time of depression which helped lift my spirits. I was able to tap into memories that blocked me from understanding my own personality due to memory loss from sedations and hypnosis.

Although I did flash back to good memories and perhaps could have maintained doing so, I decided to let the flash backs to many bad memories play in my mind. Once I remembered various occurrences I was able to deal with these matters, heal and ultimately move on in life.

One night I drank some 94 mils of butter and was flying high. But as the night went on, I noticed my arms and legs weren't breathing (pores felt clogged). I tried to sweat the butter out but my skin was blocked. After spending many hours in a hot bath, I awoke in the morning to find a thick layer of butter across the bottom of the bath tub. It had seeped out of my pores and reset.

Tablet form

If used on an empty stomach in particular, an adverse affect is Diarrhoea and Stomach aches. To digest the tablet seems to take a good 20-40 minutes before affects start to set in. This form of consuming Cannabis was not potent enough for me unless used in conjunction with smoking Cannabis.

Others claimed 'no affect' but they clearly showed changes in mood along with glassy eyes and the need to sleep. Somewhat sluggish the following morning. I believe the effects from this use might stay in Ones system longer even though not so apparent at the time of use compared to other methods of consumption.


Many have reported they prefer to use Oil made from Cannabis but I personally have not tested this method thoroughly. The chemicals used tended to put many Cannabis Users off this method. (The oil can be made without chemicals.)  

Placebo Cannabis

Someone gifted me a form of Cannabis which apparently had been grown with an extraction of most of the THC and other components. Although this form of Cannabis does not help with pain relief; if used as a vice similar to smoking Cigarettes where huge amounts are consumed, this perhaps could be a good choice for those not seeking pain or insomnia relief. This would be a good choice if Using Cannabis to quit smoking. This should cut down

psychotic affects. I doubt those that smoke Cannabis socially for an exhilarating High would care for this type of "Placebo Cannabis Smoke". There are many people whom cannot tolerate Alcohol and prefer a mind altering smoke obtained from Cannabis Sativa.  

Bongs, Vaporizers & Pipes verses Rollie Papers

Some of us find the use of papers harmful. Not only can the taste of the papers be off putting but it gives many of us a headache. However; I did not find this to be the case with Hemp Papers. I believe the Law should allow use of pipes for Cannabis Smokers. Cannabis is not so good for sinus pain immediately (although others claimed no ill affect) when smoking but taken using a vaporizer, helps this problem.

Those with arthritic problems gain great relief from Cannabis use and found it easier to pack a pipe than to roll a joint/rollie. I do not see the point to making the implements illegal when it is easy enough to make a bong or make shift pipe from everyday items. For many, a Pipe or Bong is more convenient and better for their system. The Bong method is good for cooling the smoke. This method also helps expel some of the particles into the water rather than inhaling them.  

Law Reform

There is no doubt Cannabis Use needs to be controlled in such a way it is not easily accessible to everyone, particularly the Young. There is also no doubt others gain life changing benefits for the better. Cannabis Law Reform in needed for many. This would give many people a better quality of life. I personally am in great pain without Cannabis. Prescribed drugs simply don't agree with me in the same way Cannabis does not agree with others.

Prescribed drugs result in major stomach problems and other ill affects for some of us. From these problems, sleep patterns and general living becomes difficult and painful. Cannabis certainly helps emotional pain and physical pain. Perhaps those of us that rely on Cannabis for quality of life could be issued with a license of sorts to grow and smoke Cannabis without fear of Law Enforcement brutality or ill doings from Corrupt Police and other drug dealers.

I have endured sexual assault from Police pretending to be dealers whom have drugged me without my knowledge. I now have flash backs of waking up to sexual assault. If I were allowed to grow my own, I would not have to buy from corrupt Police or Black-market nor have the worry of meeting people with such ill intensions. I would be at less risk and know exactly what I am smoking.

Home Raids

For a better all round out come, I believe home raids could be restructured. As a women living alone and use to her own company, I found the home raid to be extremely stressful. Had they allowed me a few minutes to get use to their presence I would have been able to gain some composure.

Had I been allowed to smoke Cannabis while they searched, I would have been able to remain calm and not felt the intrusion as severely as I did. They turned me into a bashed mess which took many months to heal from both mentally and physically. I did not attack back other than verbally despite knowing my Beloved Bart was slowly being murdered, my web and many years work sabotaged, business crashed, a broken arm, strangulation, anaesthetization, theft, death threats and assault both physically and verbally.

Understandably the drug squad needs to train and prepare for the worst but logically it is not necessary to inflict such devastation on peaceful medicinal marijuana smokers. I believe discretion upon arrival should have been exercised rather than the draconian one eyed attack that I endured.  

My Beloved Bart whom did not attack the officers at any point in time despite the brutality was still given a lethal injection "AFTER" the brutality and bastardisation. This has left me bitter towards the drug squad. Had he of been of a dangerous nature, he would have attacked them while they were attacking me. (I have photos of his magnificent health form before the injection and then took more showing how cruel his death was after he turned to skin and bone rapidly).

I believe long term problems and ramifications from Legal, Physical, Emotional and Relationships between 'Us and them' could be avoided with common sense from the Authorities.

During my research, it was categorically proven that the majority of smokers had a distrust, lack of respect and hate for those that determine the Law that forces us to Endure the Procedures. I heard many tragic stories from those merely seeking pain relief. Some were hard to believe but after my encounter I now understand how shocking the experience is. Just like all the others that fell before, I also refuse to give up my quality of life. It is not only my belief but common sense that a better approach to home raids would result in a better relationship with less ongoing problems for all.

This concludes my Interim Report on the Use of Cannabis.



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