Cannabis-induced koro-like syndrome.
A case report and mini review

Kalaitzi CK, Kalantzis A.
Department of Psychiatry,
Athens General Hospital G.
Gennimatas, Athens, Greece.
Urol Int. 2006;76(3):278-80.


The genital-shrinking syndrome is a transient state of acute anxiety characterized by the triad of a deep-seated fear of penile shrinkage, its disappearance into the abdomen, and apprehension regarding inevitable impotence or even death. It is also known by the Malayo-Indonesian term 'koro'. In the West, koro syndrome has been reported only in relation with various somatic, psychiatric and drug-induced disorders. The vast majority of non-psychiatric cases was related to neurological disorders or intoxication with cannabis or amphetamine. This is the first case of cannabis-induced koro-like syndrome ever reported in Greece.

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