Cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying learning
and memory impairments produced by cannabinoids

Sullivan JM Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory,
The Salk Institute,
La Jolla,
California 92037, USA.
Learn Mem 2000 May-Jun;7(3):132-9


Why does smoking marijuana impair learning and memory? Behavioral studies suggest that a disruption of normal hippocampal function contributes to these deficits. In vitro experiments find that cannabinoid receptor activation reduces neurotransmitter release below the levels required to trigger long-term changes in synaptic strength in the hippocampus. Cannabinoids reduce glutamate release through a G-protein-mediated inhibition of the calcium channels responsible for neurotransmitter release from hippocampal neurons. These mechanisms likely play a role in the learning and memory impairments produced by cannabinoids and by endogenous cannabinoid receptor ligands.

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