Marijuana alters the human cerebellar clock
O'Leary DS, Block RI, Turner BM, Koeppel J, Magnotta VA,
Ponto LB, Watkins GL, Hichwa RD, Andreasen NC.
Department of Psychiatry,
University of Iowa Hospital and Clinic,
Iowa City, IA 52242, USA.
Neuroreport. 2003 Jun 11;14(8):1145-51


The effects of marijuana on brain perfusion and internal timing were assessed using [15O] water PET in occasional and chronic users. Twelve volunteers who smoked marijuana recreationally about once weekly, and 12 volunteers who smoked daily for a number of years performed a self-paced counting task during PET imaging, before and after smoking marijuana and placebo cigarettes. Smoking marijuana increased rCBF in the ventral forebrain and cerebellar cortex in both groups, but resulted in significantly less frontal lobe activation in chronic users. Counting rate increased after smoking marijuana in both groups, as did a behavioral measure of self-paced tapping, and both increases correlated with rCBF in the cerebellum. Smoking marijuana appears to accelerate a cerebellar clock altering self-paced behaviors.

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